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Financial Planning Services


We Seek to Fortify, Strengthen, and Protect Your Assets in the Castle.

Portfolio Management Services


Gambling with risky investments is never the solution to financial independence. We seek to fortify, strengthen, and protect your assets in the Castle.

Wall Street’s unbridled propaganda, speculation, and media have left the public confused and misinformed while institutionalizing gambling into our 401(k), mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and ETFs at the same time. Institutionalized corporate plunder benefits the 1% leading to our financial bondage and ruin.

At Castle Asset Management, our goal is to provide you with consistent, honest, and factual information to help you better protect, grow, and manage your savings and retirement funds. We like things that work. Loyalty and trust are our Founding Principles.

After more than four decades of helping individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofits become financially successful — our primary focuses today are still quality risk management and capital preservation. We do NOT take part in the fool’s errand of speculative gambling supported by the slick marketing machine of global banks, asset managers, Ivy League academia, and Wall Street. 

Our approach to financial advice is, and will remain, fundamentally conservative. We seek to fortify and strengthen you, your loved ones, and your business from both the hostile tribes and Wall Street’s wealth confiscation machine.

Our goal is to transform you into a self-reliant investor with a war chest of capital not tied to the Wall Street casino. We seek to help you build the Bedrock of your Financial Freedom, both for you and your generations to come. We welcome your inquiries.

registered investment adviser
 consultative financial planning services


As fiduciary advisors, we treat your assets as if they are our own. After more than four decades in the financial services industry, we believe that our greatest assets are listening to your needs, understanding your goals, and serving as your financial confidant. We work with high-level executives, medical professionals, owners of closely-held businesses, and more.​

Our services include, but are not limited to the following: 







advisory services to clients regarding the management of their financial resources


CASE STUDY #1: The Self-Made Auto Dealer. In the early 1990’s, we were referred to a successful New Hampshire auto dealer by his certified public accountant. The auto dealer had humble beginnings, growing up in a three-decker tenement on the North Shore of Massachusetts. The auto dealer eventually became a successful entrepreneur with a multimillion dollar home on Boston’s Beacon Hill and a garage where he could store his Ferrari. After doing substantial financial planning, arranging investments, and setting up a strong life insurance plan, we brought this successful businessman to a leading estate planning attorney in Boston. This was not easy as this man was quite reluctant to get his affairs in order after going through a difficult divorce. Eighteen months after implementing the estate and life insurance plans, the client sent us an email saying that he had been diagnosed with an incurable type of cancer. In utter shock, we immediately began to work with his legal team to assist the family in transferring shares of the business into the name of the client’s wife, thus avoiding costly probate and legal charges and helping the family to save $450 thousand in additional fees and expenses. When our client died, the life insurance payout provided by CAM to the widow helped to absorb the enormous economic shock while also providing the necessary funds for a myriad of accounting, legal, and appraisal expenses. The funds also helped us to unwind a captive reinsurance company that the businessman once owned. The family’s estate retained CAM to help sell the business and real estate. We used our expertise to successfully navigate a lengthy, complicated, and expensive legal marathon, eventually selling the business and the accompanying real estate at a profit for the client’s widow and family.



    Barry James Dyke has been in the financial services business for close to four decades. He has owned a pension consulting firm and a third-party benefits administration firm. In 2001, he founded Castle Asset Management LLC, a registered investment advisory business. He prides himself on being a good listener and treating his clients’ wealth as if it were his own. A best-selling author of three books, Barry warns about the dangers of too much debt on the balance sheets of individuals, families, and businesses as well as the hazards of excessive speculation that is so popular in society today. Through his research and writing, Barry argues that this gambling has provided the necessary cannon fodder for the collapse of the American dream. As a result of his conservative philosophy, Barry has successfully retained clients for decades. The most important things in life for Barry are what he refers to as the “Five Fs”: faith, family, friends, physical fitness, and personal finance. A frequent speaker on economic issues, Barry has served as a retirement advisor for the educational endowment of a Fortune 500 company and is currently on the advisory board of a Fortune 500 subsidiary company.


    Rick Darvis is recognized as one of the leading experts in financial planning in the United States. A certified public accountant, Rick co-wrote the book A Roadmap to College & Retirement—Without Going Broke. He has spoken on tax issues and financial planning strategies in more than 40 states. Rick has also been a provider of educational programs and business development services for Microsoft, American Institute of CPAs, Oppenheimer, OneAmerica Insurance, State Farm, Northwestern Mutual Life, Franklin Templeton, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Linsco Private Ledger, Lincoln Financial, UBS, Thrivent, John Hancock, JP Morgan Chase, and dozens more. Rick has been quoted in Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, The New York Times, Dow Jones, and numerous other publications. A consummate entrepreneur, Rick has successfully owned and operated a large CPA practice in Montana and North Dakota, operated retail sporting goods stores, and invested in commercial real estate. 


    Prior to joining Castle Asset Management, Tracy Middleton served as an account executive for Morgan Stanley in New England for 12 years. In this role, Tracy worked side-by-side with clients to understand their individual risk tolerances, set long-term goals, and manage their portfolio of securities and mutual funds. After taking a break from her professional life to raise two children, Tracy has joined Castle Asset Management to help run the firm’s financial planning division and Folio investment platform.


    Lisa Reilly joined Castle Asset Management to develop client relationships. She focuses on providing quality customer services, administrative services and other organizational responsibilities. She spent 11 years in the financial service industry working for Loomis, Sayles & Company, and Fidelity Investments in Boston. 


    Brian Engel was educated at the U.S. Naval Academy and graduated with a degree in engineering. As a U.S. Marine officer, he flew the AV-8B Harrier fighter jet until 1999, at which point he transitioned to a career as a commercial pilot. Brian is currently a Captain on the Boeing 737. After serving as an asset-based lending broker, Brian, a seeker, became increasingly interested in a more client-focused and beneficial philosophy towards personal finance and saving. As a result, Brian made the decision to join Castle Asset Management, where he enjoys educating people on the truth about money.


    Phil Kliger is a musician and media creator from Newton, Massachusetts. As a skilled interviewer, he is quick witted, great under pressure, and provides a fresh and creative perspective. Recently he moved to Kittery Maine where he loves to live with his 10-year-old daughter Marilyn.

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